Flagg Springs is a news portal dedicated to reporting news and happings from in and around Flagg Spring, Kentucky. Portal was created by “Busy Beavers”, a youth group from Flagg Springs. Flagg Spring is a small populated place in northern parts of Kentucky which is our home and we wanted to give something back hence the reason for starting this website. “Busy Beavers” are mostly made up out of high schoolers, but there are a few kids who are younger who are also proud members of our little group.

We started Flagg Spring for several reasons. First the idea was to give something back to the place where we grew up. Not a lot of small places like ours can brag about having a news portal, and we thought this would make Flagg Spring stand out a little bit. Second thing that motivated us to start Flagg Spring was that we wanted to learn how to setup a website like this. Building the website is a lot of fun, we hang out, spend time together, have fun and we learn something. We hope that you find something interesting in this project of ours and that you come and visit us again. All the best from the Flagg Spring news portal team.