Even though we don’t see as much activity as some of the other states in the famous Tornado Alley, especially not up here in Northern Kentucky where Flagg Spring is located, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the possibility of a tornado coming through your neighbourhood. Today we’re going to cover some basic tips that you should know in case of a tornado emergency.

Are you ready for the tornado season?

I personally love the so called DUCK system for dealing with tornados. It’s not my idea, I saw it one time on TV somewhere, but I remembered it right away on the count of the duck, hehe. And no, the DUCK system doesn’t involve using a duck to fight against tornado. Although ducks can be quite ferocious, they are hardly any match against a tornado.

DUCK stands for Downstairs, Underneath something, Center part of the house, Keep away from windows. You should follow these 4 letters in that order DUCK. First go Downstairs, in the basement, underground somewhere. If you don’t have a basement, then hide Underneath something. Try to be close to the Central part of the house, which ties into the last piece of advice that DUCK teaches and that is to Keep away from windows. Shards of broken glass can cause some serious damage, even when they are boarded up. Avoid them at all costs during an active tornado situation. That’s about it. Hope this keeps you safe, stay alert and everything will be fine.