Even though Flagg Spring is a small place, it has been very active when it comes to various sorts of activities, and that includes playing golf. You don’t see a lot of rural places like ours that are gung-ho about golf, but Flagg Spring has numerous golf courses that are active within its borders and we are delighted to announce that we will be having a tournament this coming 4th of July on the Flagg Spring own golf course ower at Baker Street.

Flagg Spring golf tournament announcements

Golf tournament will be taking place during this years 4th of July weekend, which in 2018 falls between 7th-8th of July, seeing how 4th of July is midweek. So the tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, starting July 7th, and will happen on the Baker Street golf course.

We are delighted to have this happen in our little community and we hope that the entire Flagg Spring golf community and those who are not that interested in golf will come and watch. Send in your registrations to the Baker Street golf club directly, should you decide to participate in the event. Just keep in mind that the competition is fierce. From the entire Flagg Spring team, we hope to see you there.