Today we have an announcement from the sheriff department of the Campbell county for all the residents within the county that the sheriffs department will be conducting free security system checkups for anyone who is interested in having their security system inspected by the experts at the sheriffs department.

Sheriff department announcement Campbell County – security system inspections

Offer stands for both private homes and business. Sheriff department launched this initiative in an effort to prevent cases of burglary ahead of vacation this summer when people will be leaving their homes empty. This makes them the perfect mark for burglars. Chances of you getting burgled are considerably less with a good security system in place.

So if you want experts from the sheriffs department to checkup on everything, to see if everything works properly, then you should sign up for an inspection. Signups are possible until June 3rd, after which inspections will be carried out in the order that they were requested. Seeing how the inspection is free, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you have everything setup properly, at your home, or at your place of business, for maximum protection and security. Sign up at the Campbell county sheriffs department in person, or calling them via phone.