Would you like to see the Flagg Springs golf course re-opened?

Another thing that makes Flagg Spring unique because it’s a small place, besides having a news portal, is definitely the fact that we are crazy about golf. Up until recent years, despite being a very small community, we’ve had a top of the line golf course. Sadly the Flagg Springs golf course had to close its doors a few years back, leaving a gaping hole in the residents of our little place. Today we’re wondering if the people of Flagg Spring would like to see the golf course reopened?

Would you like to see the Flagg Springs golf course re-opened?

For this purpose we’ve setup a poll, which will hopefully give us a more clearer picture of what the good people of Flagg Spring think about the golf course that we had. Do you think that it should reopen? Is it a good thing that it was closed and it shouldn’t come back because having golfers was a nuisance? Cast your vote and make your voice heard.

Would you like the Flagg Springs golf course back?

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We hope to hear as many of you as possible because we would like to have a big enough sample to know what the people actually think. Cast your vote and you’ll see the results yourself. Aren’t you interested in knowing just what you fellow Flagg Springians are thinking about the possibility of the golf course coming back? Vote now and find out now.