Hello there and welcome to the official Flagg Spring news and events web portal. We’re a newly founded web portal which is aimed at informing the good people of Flagg Spring, Kentucky about news, weather and sports. Flagg Spring is a small place, but we are a very active community, with lots of things going on. This website has been a shared effort of the Flagg Spring youth group “Busy Beavers” as a project that will hopefully bring more community spirit to our little town. On the Flagg Springs portal we hope to share news about everything from current events, the weather, sports (golf especially of course), to more serious topics like doing up to date 2018 etoro site reviews, seeing how how Flagg Spring has sadly been caught in lots of cases of various online trading scams. We’ll also going to be covering national news up to a point and do community announcements for engagements, weddings, deaths, etc. We hope to make Flagg Springs an official information hub for all the residents of Flagg Spring. We hope you come and visit often.

Latest Flagg Spring news and announcements

Special bulletin – stay safe when investing money online

It has come to our attention that several folks who are near and dear to the Flagg Springs team have lost money making bad investments online. It goes without saying that you need to be extra careful when making investments of any kind, but this is especially true if we are talking about online investments. Make sure to read reviews online and recent feedback from other users of a website you are using. Take this example this etoro review 2018, where the author does an in-depth review of the platform in its current 2018 state. Reading old reviews is kinda pointless, because things always change in this industry, and trustworthy platforms might not longer be trustworthy. As always, be careful when investing, and make a lot of research before making final decisions.

New Travel Opportunities

We’re aware of the fact that a large number of Flagg Spring residents have been going to Croatia for the last few summers. Their experiences made Busy Beavers explore travel opportunities and they’ve found an amazing deal for all your Europe lovers out there.

Blue Cave Tour is once in a lifetime opportunity to visit some of Croatia’s most mesmerizing places, cruising on a speedboat and soaking in the beauty of the Adriatic Jewel. The best part is the trip is prett cheap, just like everything else in Croatia. We’re planning on setting up flyers around the area and hopefully attract enough people to book an entire plane for a summer adventure in Croatia.

Flagg Spring “Busy Beavers” youth group

This website and everything that you see on it is the work of the largest youth group in the Flagg Spring area, “Busy Beavers”. We have decided that instead of moping around and complaining that there isn’t anything to do for young people in a smaller rural community like Flagg Spring that we’re going to band together and create opportunities for ourselves. This website is just the first step in our plan to make living in Flagg Spring a more interesting experience. “Busy Beavers” consists of dozens of high schoolers who use group meetings to get out of the house, spend time together, exchange ideas, learn and of course have fun. We hope that this website will help people who live in Flagg Spring stay informed about what is going on in our little town and that it will help do the same thing for outsiders as well. Get in touch to join us.

Kentucky fire season announcement

Summer is here and with it come high temperatures and long periods of no rain, which is perfect combination of factors for woodland fires to run rampant and cause immense amounts of damage. For this reason we are obligated to post an update from both the Kentucky Division of Forestry and various local fire departments about safety precautions in effect regarding fire prevention during fire season. Kentucky Division of Forestry would like to remind people that it’s is illegal to burn anything within 150ft of any woodland or bushland between 6 AM and 6 PM. There is also the matter of maintaining air quality which prevents outdoor burning of garbage of any kind, except natural plant matter like leaves, dry grass and woody debris.

Capturing the beauty of Flagg Springs – the old golf course

Here’s a quick photo that perfectly captures the beauty of Flagg Spring. This is the old Flagg Springs golf course which has sadly been shutdown for the past couple of years. Maybe someone will pickup the baton and reopen the old beauty. Pristine nature is always a beautiful thing to watch, and Flagg Spring certainly has plenty of that. Hopefully this photo will lure you to our little corner of the US.